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Aug 9, 2011

Summer Vacation Part 2

Greg and Garrett Sweeney and their families.
Nathan's cousin Scott, his wife and two daughters live in Grand Rapids. We arranged for our families to meet up at the hotel for a reunion. The kids were in the pool from 12 to 9. Cousins Megan and Ashley (11&14) are Gold swimmers on their school teams. This was good motivation for Elliot and Jane to practice and attempt to mimic the skills of their cousins. Here they are in the deep end.

Nathan's family- mom and dad all 5 kids and Grandkids.

The kids have been attending the VBS program put on by our church here in Hong Kong ECC the past two years. We found out this summer we would be in the States during almost all of the Sundays. This was a disappointment since the kids have enjoyed the experience and love the songs. We soon found out that my home church in Traverse City was doing Pandamania. The same vacation Bible school as ECC. It was a nice surprise and the fact they got to attend with Abby and Isaiah made it really special.
Living Hope Assembly of God

Attic Finds

Nathan's dad, when he was a kid would always find Star Wars toys at garage sales. As a result Nathan has a good size collection of action figures and accessories such as C3PO and Darth Vadar cases that overflow with the figures, The Millenium Falcon, several Ewoks and parts that make up the village. Elliot knew these toys were in the attic on the first day we arrived, he wanted to get them out and play.

Jane found the record player and our small record collection. Some records were purchased because Nathan remembers them as a kid. Nathaniel the grublet and Music Machine. Music Machine was acquired in an ebay bidding war, in mint condition with a CD too. I have a few Keith Green and my favorite one is The Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack. Jane started with Mary Poppins and Bullfrogs and Butterflies. She learned how to put the records on and set the needle. The one she played over and over was sir Oliver's song It is about the 10 commandments.

Jane,Aunt Shanda and Ben attended the 11th Annual Resurrection Life car show. They feature classic cars and have games, and food for every one. Carissa works at the church and was in charge of serving the food. I didn't attend, but let Jane take the camera, there were a lot of photos of her cousin Benjamin.

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