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Aug 11, 2011

Seoul # 2 Attractions

As we were walking along a grassy area outside known as Gwanghwamun Plaza, we spotted an underground museum. One part was about Sejong the great. The person credited with creating the Korean alphabet, Hangeul. Chinese characters were used prior to the Hangeul.

The museum is laid out to represent Sejong on one side and a famous military leader Admiral Yi on the other. Yi is known for his defense against The famous Japanese invasion in the 16th century. He is also know for his modifications to the "turtle ship"and a replica of such a ship could be found inside the museum.

They had interactive displays for the kids making it a fun place to explore.

A folk village was next to the Children's museum. It was a mini walk through Korea in the past. The traditional shoes the kids tried on, also replicated store fronts and memorabilia representing the mid to late 20th century.
I think this one looks like an AD with Elliot's Pocari Sweat and Jane's Fanta.

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