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Aug 13, 2011

Seoul The End

My love for Seoul was more than kimchi, donuts,coffee shops and free things to do. It is quite possible that The Koreans love of baseball really endeared the people and city to me. In the past 10 years I have come to really enjoy the sport and I was glad we made this part of our short trip to Korea. My friend Kate, who is from Seoul helped me navigate a Korean website and look at maps to determine if this is something we could do on our own. It was really simple once we got there and a lot of fun. The night before a big rival game went on between two teams. We heard that game might sell out and chose to visit the next day.
The Bears and Eagles were playing the day we arrived.

A player during practice gave the kids a baseball. They picked the Eagles as the team to root for shortly after that.
We only paid about $16USD and the kids were free. Again something else in Seoul we found inexpensive and a lot of fun.
Cheerleaders and chants made the game really entertaining. The songs were in Korean but we could hear the words Doosun(Bears) or Eagles being shouted out once in awhile.
The only downside was our ignorance of the food. Most American baseball stadiums forbid outside food and drink, we had that mindset and went in expecting to be able to find some delicious snacks from stadium vendors. We soon realized as we watched people bringing in KFC and Pizza that it was different in Korea. The vendors inside were selling only ramen and a few chips and soda.
Kate told me she remembers popcorn and hot dogs when she went to the game as a kid, maybe that is available on the busier nights? Next Time we will know to bring in our own food.

Stadium from the 1988 Summer games is near the ballpark.

This tea shop had notes and letters stuck all over the walls. Jane found a card and put her own note up. I don't know the names of the snacks we ordered with our tea. They were primarily sweet and had chewy,dense textures to them. One item reminded me of a mooncake. The tea I ordered had a strong cinnamon like flavor to it.

I hope to get back for a visit someday.

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