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Aug 10, 2011

Jet Lag

12 hours is a big time difference. We have the extended sunlight in Michigan to help us adjust. In the early-mid summer it doesn't get dark until around 10pm. Since returning we have been up at midnight, 2 and 3 AM, popping Melatonin to help aid our sleep "naturally." Everyday I think today will be the day, for feeling normal and getting a good nights rest.
As I write this the kids have been up since 3 Am, The upside to this is they did all their summer school work and chores by 9:30 AM.
The rainy season is in full swing, so our chances of getting out and exerting some energy today are low. I just went from having a car and easily transporting the kids with no worries about the weather. The thought of taking them anywhere by foot and train in a downpour in my foggy state of mind sounds daunting and miserable.
Maybe tomorrow will be the day for feeling normal.

This is Elliot at 5:30PM couldn't make it through the movie.

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