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Aug 21, 2011

Jemilla's Birthday

Jane's friend, Jemilla Harvey turned 9 and the Sweeney family was invited to the house to join the celebration.

Renee brought back these terrific mosaic crafts from their recent trip to Australia. It proved to be too long of a task for Elliot, but Jane finished it and was glad to bring it home.

These beautifully decorated cupcakes were a hit with the kids.

Thanks for a fun time Harvey family!

Happy Birthday Jemilla


Reneelharvey said...

Guess what, Sarah? We saw one of these mosaic kits at Sham Shoi Po today! It was a ponies theme with four pictures inside for $125. Maybe for Jane's next birthday...?

Alicia said...

I still can't believe how big your kids are. I'm glad for this blog and FB, or I would be in for a shock every time you came home!

You know, I have to comment on how much Elliott looks like you in that photo of him and the cupcake. I think it's the pose and the expression...don't know.

Hong Kong Sweeneys said...

I need to get over to Sham Shui Po. Thanks for the information.

yes they grow up quickly. I never have thought of Elliot looking like me, but I think your right. It has to come out once in awhile.

Ann said...

We had a great time, too! So glad to have been invited to the party and gotten to meet the Sweeney Family! Remember me when you plan a Ladies Coffee night out! :) Ann