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Dec 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Celebration

Christmas Eve 2010 from outypants on Vimeo.

We were able to celebrate Christmas with our friends. In attendance: The hosts The Harveys, their friend Natalie, and the Wang family.

lots of food!

I was able to find Christmas Crackers in the store and was excited to try them out. As an American they were never part of any tradition in our house.
Renee told me about the tradition of having them on Christmas day in Australia. I have seen and heard of them referred to in British stories or television .

Traditional cracker prizes: Hats, a joke and a toy.

Crafts: gingerbread cookie decoration, wreath making, and Christmas cards.

Elliot hasn't quite learned about the spirit of giving..
The kids listening to the Christmas story read by Craig.

The kids had a gift exchange and received wonderful gifts.

Having a bit of fun. Albert was the brave dad who tried it on.

A lovely time with our Hong Kong family !

Christmas Happenings

Christmas cookie decorating at Pings. My friend Noelia is spending her first Christmas in Hong Kong this year. She has a son and daughter. Marina is in the same school as Elliot. She was able to come to help make some cookies. She did a perfect job at kneading the dough. Ping had these great cookie cutters that made for some fun shapes.

A visit to Disney during the Holiday will help you get in the Christmas mood. Jane gets a kiss by Minnie and the band poses with the kids.

Our Christmas tree this year decorated by the kids. A new ornament thanks to our summer trip to Bronners. We walk through a village on the way to Jane's school one of the houses had decorated all the trees outside. Parc Versailles has lights on almost every plant and post this year it looks quite festive. A look at Elliot's red nose you get the feeling it might actually snow.

Ghibli in Hong Kong

Studio Ghibli a Japanese animation studio has produced some movie's that we like. My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, Spirited Away and many more. Totoro is featured in Toy Story 3, he is the fat stuffed animal that looks like a bunny, and doesn't talk. A new Ghibli movie is coming out "The Borrower Arriety" and a display is up at Grand Century Place. The kids are used to watching the cartoons in Japanese without being able to read subtitles ( although Jane is now to the point where she can keep up a little) so it is something we could do as a family, if we find the movie suitable for their age. Whether we watch the new movie in the theater or not we had fun snapping photos at the display.


Here is a post highlighting 4 Birthday parties that we were invited to share in the past two months.
Joseph turned 9 Back in November. The kids played catch the balloon, pop the balloons and a mini soccer game. Even the dads had a turn at it.

Picus is Jane's classmate and Pio is another K3 in Elliot's school. The boys had a shared birthday party at the Zebedee International school here in Tai Po. Food catered by Fairwoods and a show with some magic and funny tricks. Jane was able to try her hand at spinning a plate.

Savanah's Birthday was at the bowling alley located on the premises of The Palazzo. Jane came out as the winner with a high of 50. I didn't have my good camera so I failed to take more pictures once inside the apartment, that featured a delicious chocolate cake for dessert.

Ailee is in Jane's class at NIS. She had a Barbie Birthday party. Games featured a Barbie story, make your own bracelet, Barbie Bingo and a memory game with a tray of all of Barbie's favorite things. I liked the Barbie punch ( Sprite dyed with a pink food coloring)
The whole family was invited so the boys were amused by a showing of " Clutch Powers" Lego movie.

We are thankful for all the friends God has blessed us with here in Hong Kong and enjoy every celebration we are able to share with them.