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May 8, 2009

Hong Kong Park

We got to ride on the top of the 15C bus. If there is a guaranteed way to ride the open top we don't know the secret.  It was exciting for us to catch it and let it take us to Hong 
Kong park. Most people take it to to get on the Peak Tram.

The Aviary is really impressive

 Elliot if you watch the video makes a comment about someone eating- there are restrictions for eating on every public transportation we take and my kids are very aware of this. This must have been on his mind when he spotted some one chewing. There was a girl behind me and Jane and one next to us snapping pictures of her and then the one asked to have her picture taken with Jane. Common experience with the kids. Jane loves it. 

The Peak line looked really long, I was glad that was not our destination. 
Near Hong Kong Park is a conservatory, tea museum, and we discovered a big playground with a sandbox! 
What is rare to find in HK play areas? Swings and sand.
The weather has been hot( to us Michigan people anyway) that the kids keep asking when we will get to the beach. I am sure we will get here soon, but for now they enjoyed their time in the sand. 

Taking the Star Ferry is not only a normal commute for Hong Kongers, but is something I find really enjoyable. 
Elliot gets nervous on the boat these are his questions.

Why do boats sink?
Why don't we get wet?
Will we get wet?
Why does it go up and down?
How does it know when to stop?
He will ask these questions as he squeezes my neck tighter and tighter.
 Poor guy, I guess we should have tried to go on more boats back in the US.    Living in a place called The Great Lake State, you think we might have tried it a few times. I hope he gets used to it and eventually finds it as fun as me.


Hong Kong Park from outypants on Vimeo.