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Apr 27, 2012

Final Sunday Part Two: The Morning Trail Hike at the Peak

On our last Sunday in Hong Kong we took one last trip to the Peak.

First we had some good-byes at church, ECC Kowloon.

We didn't plan on it, but it did end up being the kids last day to ride the ferry

This is has to be the best photo I have ever taken from the ferry.

The Peak is some of the most expensive real estate in the world.  It is where the British first settled when they took over and was home to all the governors before Hong Kong was handed back over to China.

We didn't take the tram for a couple of reasons. Sunday afternoon with great weather, usually means an hour or more waiting in line, second reason was this was the day we went to the Police Museum. We needed to take the bus to get there.

Photos from other times we did the hike.

The last time around
The kids have been boycotting normal photos lately.
There are lots of interesting trees and flowers to see as you make a way around.
The hike is a nice way to escape the tourist at the shops, it is an easy walk for families.

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Marjolein said...

Just stumbled up on your blog, love reading about your family's adventures in Hong Kong, must be difficult to leave such a great place, I will keep following your blog and many greetz from The Netherlands!