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May 4, 2012

Beginning of the end, saying good-bye

How do you say goodbye? If are like me you try to avoid ever having to say it.

 Those few weeks before our departure I found myself saying, "I'm sure I will see you again before I leave, so this isn't good-bye" As the time became shorter and shorter I realized I had to stop saying that and face the reality that there might not be another chance.

 This was the kids last official day of school at The Norwegian International School.
Mr. Eduardo the PE teacher.  
The friendly and caring staff, sent the kids off with momentos and class parties. 

Song Laoshi's gift to the kids was a traditional hat, it came from Beijing where her grandparents live.

My friend Abe Chung who has two kids in NIS,  coordinated a farewell dinner for our family at the Hong Lok Yuen country club.
Abe (in the white blouse) and Lillian (far lef)t are Hong Kong moms that are very active  at the school, without their involvement I am not sure how well it would function.
 They are also generous and lovely women.  This photo was taken  in 2011 at Almarie's birthday celebration. The three of us who are foreigners in the picture (Almarie in the striped and Tanya in the dress) had to leave Hong Kong reluctantly, it is no coincidence we also had the privilege to be friends with Abe and Lillian.
"Western friendly" Chinese dinner.  

I was touched by everyone who took the time to attend and I am thankful for the  opportunity to have been  part of the NIS community.

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