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Apr 4, 2012

A Tourist for a day

There is countless of sight seeing opportunities while visiting Hong Kong such as:

1. go to a local church
2. eat Dim Sum
3. visit a tailor to have a suit made
4. ride the Star Ferry
5. visit an outlying island such as Lamma
6. visit a theme restaurant
7. Watch the Symphony of lights and walk along the promenade that views the HK skyline.

On one of our last Sundays in Hong Kong this is exactly what we did.

Our church is Evangelical Christian Community or ECC, it is located at the YMCA Salisbury in Tsim Sha Tsui. Nathan and I have been volunteering in the five year old class. The Children's church leader's Sarah and Sherry, held a farewell celebration for us. It included a delicious dim sums style buffet. Egg tarts, shao mai, fish balls, BBQ pork buns, etc.

Having tailor made clothing has been a long standing tradition in Hong Kong. Everyday on our way to church in TST we pass the men who ask- "copy handbag, copy watch, tailor?" We finally took one of them up on the offer and followed them into their shop.
Here is the tailor, Aves doing a fitting before the final sewing.
The sight of their dad in such formal wear entertained the kids. They were giggling, Jane's comment 'you look ridiculous'  Jane is really a kind, sweet person, I think it was just the first thought that popped into her head.

That Sunday was absolutely gorgeous, the sky was clear and blue (a rarity in HK) after a long cold spell, the temperature had risen to a warm, but not too hot 28 degrees C. We decided to head out to Lamma Island that day. We first rode the Star Ferry to central pier.

Then took the ferry to Lamma on the side of
Yung Shue Wan

Hung Shing Yeah beach

We found this vegetarian restaurant and had delicious noodles and pizza.

The clear day turned into a clear night. Enough for us to witness the historical event of spotting
Venus, Jupiter and Mars.
The symphony of lights might be a bit cheesy and not that exciting, but the crowds still ooh and aah once the lasers start moving.
The Hong Kong skyline has to be one of the most impressive in the world and I have yet to grow tired of viewing it.

We even splurged and purchased the souvenir photo of the family in front of the skyline. By this time we debated to keep going or head home since kids had school the next day, we decided to enjoy the perfect weather and keep going.

We were searching for frozen yogurt and found the Charlie Brown Cafe. We didn't end up eating there, but they sell deli type food and offer coffee, desserts and specialize in cake making. After playing at Snoopy's World in Sha Tin you can get food at Charlie Brown Cafe. Maybe a Lucy and Sally spa will open up next.

We found a yogurt place in Hung Hom

We had a lovely day to make some great last week in Hong Kong memories.

Tai Po > TST > Lamma from outypants on Vimeo.

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