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Apr 12, 2012

Good Eats, well sometimes

Some people say that shopping is a Hong Kong person's favorite past time. I think it is dining out. With the 7 million+ people to feed, the list of restaurants is never ending from cheap eats to break the bank.

Americans don't view red bean as a dessert. Maybe we would be thinner if we ate red beans instead of ice cream? On the- must try before we leave Asia list- for Nathan was the red bean pie at McDonalds.

The other two foods Nathan was keen to try was the infamous "Stinky To fu" and the healthy turtle jelly.

descriptions of the smell of stinky to fu include:
wet smelly socks

One of the most common observations people said about it, it doesn't taste as a bad as it smells.

Nathan's comment after he took a couple of bites- They lied.
 I wasn't that hungry and decided I wouldn't try it, taking him at his word.

Spotted this bucket of chicken while walking in TST. The feet had been cut off.
The US exports about 300,000 metric tons of chicken feet to China each year.
My opinion not that bad in taste, but again it is the texture I am not fond of.

Here is a picture of Nathan when he was traveling to China from the States back in 2008. With his first taste of the delicacy.

Turtle is not that uncommon of a food for westerners.
The Chinese eat and drink a lot of things because they believe in the health benefits.
I once had pork knuckle at dim sum, that was in a savory vinegar sauce. My friend Denise told me it is high in collagen and particularly good to eat after having a baby. I found it too chewy.

Turtle jelly is very popular and can be eaten hot or cold.
The Hoi Tin Tong is a famous brand. The guy makes his own commercials and they are quite amusing, Nathan said if he could meet any celebrity in HK it would be the turtle guy.

here is one commercial.

We had to tell the lady three times we wanted the jelly, she couldn't believe that a foreigner was actually ordering it. The cost was around $6 USD. I found the flavor not bad, but I don't really enjoy gelatin.
I could see eating it if it really is good for your health. Elliot liked it, no surprise there being our "Chinese" kid. Jane doesn't like gelatin either so she didn't like it.

We of course eat a lot of western food with the kids. a Pizza place called Tectonic pizza recently opened on Ashley road near the church. They offer pizza by the slice. They don't match Paisanos, but cost a little bit less.

Mortons steakhouse is from Chicago, but they have a location in HK. On a tip from a friend Nathan and I had a date night out and made a visit. We had a view of the laser light show and the harbor, but it was on one of the foggiest days in the year so it wasn't spectacular.
 Excellent filet Mignon. The customer service was great!
 We decided we could afford to eat out like that every ten years.

Fat Angelos- kids meals, free refills on drinks, bread and salad can help you to overlook the mediocrity of some of the dishes.

Back in 2009 with the Krohn family, in the photo Isaiah, Elliot and Sammy.

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