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Mar 25, 2012

NIS Sports Day 2012

The Norwegian International School has a sports day every year. The kids are divided up into five teams represented by different colors. They compete individually and in team events. Mr. Eduardo, the kids PE teacher, planned a full day and kids were awarded trophies and medals.

I was assigned to Mrs. Nadia's (Elliot's teacher)orange team. I looked in my closet and had green,blue, red and yellow but no orange. Where do you go to shop in Hong Kong when you need a cheap colorful T-shirt? The popular Japanese clothing outlet Uniqlo.

Here is Nadia and me in our unplanned matching t-shirts. Both of us had purchased them the day before. This season's featured theme is The Peanuts Gang. Since I am fan, it was easy for me to choose this as my orange option.

The 3rd grade girls were the cheerleaders, they opened the event with a routine. Cheerleading was the only athletic activity I did in school, this brought back memories.

The parents and kids teamed up in three leg races, relays and piggy back races.
Nathan was there that day too to help run some of the events and compete.

Parents and teachers raced each other in the final event of the day. The video documents my stunning performance.

NIS Sports Day 2012 from outypants on Vimeo.

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Michelle Roman said...

Love, love, love the video!! So glad your stunning performance was captured for us to see! Aiden was dancing around while watching, trying to move as fast as the kids in the clip...:) Looks like a fun day for all of you!