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Mar 8, 2012


This is our countdown chain. Each link represents how many days we have left in Hong Kong.
I thought it would be a good idea to write down on each link something we look forward to when we return to the States. Such as..
Taco Bell
Blue skies, clean air
Celebrating the Holidays in America
grocery stores with big aisles and a lot less people
The kids each listed some favorite toys and stuffed animals they will have in their possession once again.
we of course added family members.

I asked the kids what are their favorite things about Hong Kong. The first thing both kids said was friends. It is interesting how their thoughts mirror my own, it is the people in our lives that share our experiences with us that matter the most.

Sarah's Top 10:
-Star Ferry and the Harbor view

-The Lion Rock Hike
-History Museum
-Kam Tin
Jin Ju nai Cha (pearl bubble Tea)
-Ma on Shan Park
-Tai Mei Tuk
-The ride out to Stanley( and the shopping there)
Favorite family trip- Australia

Janes Top 10

-Peak - I think she likes going here to have the chance to eat at Bubba Gump.

-The Chinese designs
-Ocean Park
Lavender Gardens
Favorite family trip- Cambodia

Favorite memories
Brookelyn's Birthday at Ocean Park.


Our apartment- This made me laugh, there is nothing spectacular about our place, he just likes staying home. He started crying when we told him we were going to visit 3 countries over the Christmas break.
-Pizza Hut

-Ocean Park
-Chinese food

Favorite Family trip- Singapore

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