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Mar 12, 2012


I have posted about the kids modeling before, Elliot recently went to a place outside of Shenzhen called "Bride's Beach". A massive complex located along a beach, with permanent props and settings for photos. The fake church was quite popular with the brides and no one seem to mind that that letter H had fallen from the front of it so it read "OlY Cross Church." Horses and carriages, boats, Pillars columns, and whatever you could imagine. I didn't have my good camera so the photos aren't that great.

I am not sure they got good photos this day, as Elliot seemed determined to smile a big goofy grin.

In China they seek out anglo kids and because Hong Kong is an international city depending on the brand and market they can be sought after as well.
Our friends the Harveys and Udys have kids who model too. It is a unique experience for us that has been positive for the kids.

Here are some pictures from the actual catalogs.

A typical day of modeling for us inside China begins with us crossing the border and riding in a car an hour out of Shenzhen. The kids get paid starting from make-up time. It is usually 4hours for the shooting. It is a full day for us.

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Elaine and Quentin: said...

Great confidence builder for the kids - love the way Jane looks in the ads - very professional and all grown up. What a priceless experience for them!