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Oct 11, 2010

Singapore #3 All the rest

singapore slide from outypants on Vimeo.

The Jurong Bird park had fun shows. The bird that sang songs in three languages was impressive.

Mom had to go to the Philatelic museum to see the first postage stamp ever and dragged the whole family along.
It turned out to be a great time. There were lots of interactive displays and the kids enjoyed it, Jane at the time said it was more fun than the zoo. She changed her mind on that but really a kid friendly museum.

No Wendys in Hong Kong- excited to see one in SP

Singapore has a Train system -The MRT- easy to use clean and safe just like Hong Kong, we used it a couple of times but found that taxis were more convenient and the best choice for us on our short trip. While using the MRT I was impressed that people did stay out of the way to let others alight first before getting on themselves. I think the mascot that encourages everyone to be nice must have done a good job.

Little India

The barefoot restaurant was a place Nathan had ate at during his first visit to Singapore( this was his second) No shoes when you ate upstairs, sit on the floor and get your own water. He had tried on his first visit a hot dish, that got his name put on a clothespin along a wall of fame. He was level 3, I believe there were about 9 levels of hotness. We took note this was the 3rd restaurant the kids ate at that required you removed your shoes. They provided slippers for the bathroom.

It was easy to get around as English is the main language spoken. I think I could live in Singapore for a little while, very western friendly yet a melting pot of cultures. I do prefer Hong Kong.

Elliot's Favorite memory of Singapore- The King Cobra
Jane said she too enjoyed the zoo. Feeding Elephants can be a hard experience to compete with when talking about highlights.
Favorite places we ate Elliot says- Wendy's
Jane says- the Zoo cafe we ate at. It did have great iced tea.
Mom says- the Mexican food was excellent in quality and taste, the service was off a bit, but we got a free dessert and even that was delicious.

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