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Oct 29, 2010

San Mun Tsai second time around

We visited San Mun Tsai again, but this time taking the path we had planned for the first trip. We took the 20K minibus that terminates there.

We stopped and visited the historical gallery. It had a unicorn head, we just had read on the Internet about the unicorn dance, not as popular or widely used as the traditional dragon and lion dances.

When we arrived at the beach we walked around and explored the protected area. Ma Shi Chau

The kids liked these mini glasses dad found and there was an argument over who would get to play with them first. I am always amazed at the things kids choose to fight about.

It was part of our plan this time to take the boat to Tai Mei Tuk. We approached the Sampan lady and began to discuss cost. We would give her a number in Mandarin and she would reply in Cantonese. I say all the time I need to learn the numbers in Cantonese and have yet to do it. The bartering required hand gestures and her at least acknowledging our Mandarin figure for us to final settle. We had paid 20HKD per person for the boat when we went to Sai Kung, and we felt we should pay no more this. Locals if they even bother taking the boat, maybe get a better deal then we did, but we were comfortable paying that amount and boarded.
It was a fast paced ride, we noticed the lack of life jackets as we were zig zagging through the other boats. We arrived to find what seemed to be an even busier than usual Saturday in TMT. It wasn't until we were standing in a long bus line to return home that it occurred to me it was a public holiday. Chung Yeung Festival part of the tradition is the colorful papers placed at graves as seen in the top photo.
Thankfully we ate earlier than everyone else did and got into a restaurant no problem.

It was good food. I had a beef dish with a black pepper sauce and Nathan got a curry dish.

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