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Oct 12, 2010

For Jane- a Belated Post

On September 29 2003 Jane Autumn Sweeney was welcomed into the world.

It is exciting and humbling to watch a child grow and change under your care and direction. We are blessed with a sweet and tender hearted daughter that proves on daily basis she is getting smarter than her parents.

Facts about Jane

Human compass!- She has a great sense of direction she can often recall which way to go after only one visit to a place. She amazes us all the time with this gift- inherited from dad.

She likes to draw, her art often reflects real life places and people - I often prefer that kind over abstract.

A loyal friend, fast at making friends, and tries to show her kindness with notes and little gifts when ever she can.

likes listening to Adventures in Odyssey, eating olives, the color blue, singing, coloring.

7 years has gone by too fast as it always does when watching kids grow. We are thankful and honored to be her parents.
Love you Janie!










Alicia said...

And she doesn't look like you at ALL. Not one bit. Especially not in that last photo.

Andria said...

We miss you all dearly! She looks so grown up.