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Oct 4, 2010

Singapore #1- The Zoo

Singapore is a small island country with about 5 million people on it. A little over 3 hours via air from Hong Kong. . Known for its strict rules on keeping the place clean, some may remember a few years ago when a foreigner was caned for graffiti, I appreciated the high standards as a visitor.
We could chew gum but could not find it for sale in the convenience stores. Malays, Indians and Chinese make their home here but English is considered the main language.

We left for Singapore on Jane's Birthday September 29th. 
 We stayed at the ( cue music)

The Zoo highlights:
Jane got to feed the elephants ( brother chose not too)
Elliot and Dad liked the Rhinos
Mom liked the "free" roaming lemurs

Singapore from outypants on Vimeo.

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Andria said...

I hope Jane had a special birthday! Thinking of you often.