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Jul 6, 2010

Sai Kung, Hap Mun and SAR day

The hot hot Hong Kong summer has arrived and it is time for us to hit the beaches. We spent the first summer holiday July 1st in Sai Kung
It was Hong Kong special administrative region day celebrating the day HK was handed back over to China. Some celebrate with parades and cultural activities some spend the day protesting. It takes us over an hour to get to any beach via public transportation. We decided to splurge and take a taxi one way. it cost about $140HKD which is around $20US.

If traveling to Sai Kung don't worry about finding a way to the beach the people selling the tickets for the Kaido/Sampan boats will find you. We were shown a picture of a beach and told $20 per person for pick up and drop off. We weren't sure what we were getting into but took our chances and got on the boat.

The boat ride was around 15-20 minutes, a pretty way to tour the shores of some of the islands. We had to take the drivers word for it when we reached our destination as he had made two previous stops.

One of the beaches we went by was almost empty so we were a little disheartened to find our beach destination overflowing with people. It wasn't the cleanest beach I have ever swam in, the kids were just happy to finally be there and enjoyed themselves.

We made sure to catch a boat with a blue flag like the one we came in on and returned to the peninsula.
One reason we chose Sai Kung for our destination was the choice of western style restaurants. We learned our lesson when it comes to visiting SK on a holiday or weekend. Eat before 6 after 8 or make a reservation. Everywhere we went we were told at least an hour to wait. You can't do that with hungry kids. So we reluctantly ate Pizza hut and Mcdonalds.
We caught the 299 back to Shatin it was a long queue as a result of the holiday. But we found seats on the bus and made it back to Tai Po eventually.

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