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Jun 21, 2010


Nathan has been stuck on the Mainland since the beginning of June. He is waiting for a special work visa. During this time he doesn't have his passport and is not able to come into Hong Kong. The kids and I have been crossing the border on the weekends to visit.

The Marco Polo 35th floor has been his home. The kids enjoy the complimentary mints at the front desk and the pool. There aren't an abundance of parks and places to take the kids around the hotel so we spend the time playing lots of games of Phase Ten and the photo below pictures us playing pass the pigs. The World Cup has begun and we have been catching some of the matches on the TV at the hotel. We even woke up at 2:30AM to catch the first US match. Jane stayed up for about 15 minutes then decided to go back to sleep.

We attempted to visit the library on this day but were told the kids were not allowed in. We found out later that it opens later allowing the kids in. Across the street from the Marco Polo is the Ferrari dealership. In Michigan seeing such cars would be rare but we see Ferrari's on a fairly regular basis.

What might you find on a day out in Shenzhen?
Crocs of all kind

You might see these cute kid's picture inside a department store

Bethany and I found the kids pictures in Children's world in Huangchangbei. This was their photo shoot for ET Club.

A day out shopping lead us to the book store that has a huge selection of English books. I came prepared to spend some money. I found American History books, a Hardcover Fancy Nancy that will be a birthday present for Jane Shhh.. A Spiderman book for Elliot for Christmas shh.
Full price value over 100USD. The Fancy Nancy book alone would cost $18.
I got the lot for $30USD possibly could have gotten less if I bartered even more, but I felt like I was getting such a good deal I was satisfied.

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reneelharvey said...

Love the crocs pics.

Well done on your book haul too! (I'd love to go to that shop some time.)

And how cool to see big posters of the kids! Will you still talk to us now that you're famous? LOL