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Jul 27, 2010

Starfish Bay

Wu Kai Sha MTR exit A
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Along the same road as Li Po Chun college. We took a taxi there but I believe it to be less than a 15 minute walk. There was no designated path that we took, we just turned to the right when we saw the water.
Prior to a visit check the tide status. You will want to visit on a low tide day.

Jane, Abby, Joanna, Joseph, Isaiah and Sammy. Elliot not pictured.

Bethany and Ping.
Ping was the one who showed us how to get here. 

Hungry? Sea Cucumber the black blob in the sand is a popular menu item in China.

A really beautiful day.

We saw lots of little crabs along with the starfish. A fun outing for all.


Alicia said...

A sea cucumber! Curious creatures; no eyes, no brain, no heart...

(The picture above the ray...)

Hong Kong Sweeneys said...

yes and you find Sea cucumbers on the menu quite frequently in China

Alicia said...

Ehhh no. I think it would be squishy.