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Mar 4, 2010


We have called Hong Kong home for One year. As an adult one year doesn't always show much change, but we can see the change in the kids. Not only in their appearance but of course in their age and behavior.
Jane has learned to ride a bike, lost 4 teeth and has come into her own sense of humor and personality. Elliot stopped sucking his thumb, is learning to read and we think has found laughter contagious enough to be the class clown.



I remember my first two weeks at our place in Ma On Shan. If I went two stops on the subway with the kids by myself it was a big day for me. Being in a crowded place and very aware that I could not understand a single word spoken around me . Walking through an outside market and seeing headless fish wiggling on a table. Waking up to the view over the Tolo Harbor and seeing the mountains.
I still wake up to a small mountain view in our home in Tai Po, I can venture out on a bus, taxi and a train with the kids. The foreign language spoken all around me is now a familiar hum I hear on a crowded subway, and sometimes I recognize a word or two. I am grateful for all the people that have come to be our friends in our short time. As it happens in Hong Kong, some have already moved on to other places. To have friends who call different countries and different continents there home is a privilege. But more than the rich experience friendships from different cultures brings, they have been a a great comfort, on the days when I miss family and friends. Although living in Hong Kong is exciting and allows us an unique experience, I would not be able to call it home without those people who have welcomed us into their lives.


Typhoon Molave kept me up till 3 am and did quite a bit of damage



Ocean Park




Ping Chau

The visit from Mike and Jodie, Chas and Katie, Shane and Shanda was the best of the year.

As our 11 month contract has come and gone. It looks as though we will be calling Hong Kong home for two more years. Anything can happen and that could change, but for now that is path we are taking.
The separation from friends and family is difficult, but I find a lot of peace in making this decision and see God's hand in it. Thanks for sharing our journey with us through this blog, it has helped me feel closer to those who are far away and has helped acquaint me with new people.

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Andria said...

I wondered if you were definitely staying! How exciting for you and sad for Michiganders. Maybe we will come to visit....