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Mar 23, 2010


Our Sunday's we spend an hour traveling by train to our Church. We take time in the Kowloon area where we don't frequent
during the week or we travel to places on Hong Kong Island.

The Museum of Coastal Defence (spelled correctly) in Shau Kei Wan
This is quite a distance for us via public transport our second visit could be our last for the Coastal Defence unless something else brings us out that way. Fun place for the kids to walk around and they liked the computer children's area.

Elliot imitating the face of the Charter Bust

The Ferry

St John's Cathedral

Living in a large city you will find that every weekend some event is going on. Some group or cause is having a parade, display, fundraiser etc. Kowloon Park where we spend a lot of Sundays host some of these. Like the Koi contest, the YMCA event something about being a hero- it was in Cantonese so I was unsure what the campaign was all about.

The video has a lot of different stuff- some of it includes the jump rope routines at the YMCA event

outside from outypants on Vimeo.

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