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Feb 21, 2010


It took us almost 10 months but we made good on our promise to Jane that if we moved to Hong Kong we would visit Disneyland.
The weather the day before we went, sunny and 70˚ the day we went 60˚ and light rain. Jane asked why we always go in the rain. What was she referring to? Ocean Park the other place in Hong Kong you promise to take your kids to for fun. If you saw that post you will remember it rained that day too. There is an upside to rainy days. The crowd size is down so a few less people jump in front of you in line and you can ride some stuff more than once.

Hong Kong skyline -Small World ride

We decided to keep it a surprise from the kids. It can be hard to keep up anticipation after traveling a little over an hour by mass transit ( we took 5 trains) but they didn't complain too much for not knowing what was at the end of the travel. 

 Disney has its own MTR train so when the kids saw Mickey shaped windows coming up to our platform they were hoping we were getting on.

I told him the story how only the true King of England could pull it out, he was really trying here. This actually sparked an interest in the King Arthur story and days after he would pretend using the True King of England as part of his sword fighting.

I was impressed with this Small World Ride. I liked how Disney movies are part of the displays. We tried to ride it one more time before closing but we didn't catch it. Closing time was 6:30pm so we didn't have quite that full day of a peak season time.

First impression is the castle- If I got it right Walt Disney World has Cinderella's Castle and Disneyland has Sleeping Beauty's. Cinderella's Kingdom must have more money :-)

Jane of course would ride anything including Space Mountain - she said that was scary and would wait until she was a teenager to do it again. Elliot when he was 3 went on two- Small world and Winnie the Pooh. Finally after being pushed a little bit and pretty much forced to go on a couple he realized he liked most of them. Thankfully the lines were so short we could ride them once more with him on after he knew how fun they could be. The tea cups - he loved the one outside of the ride and took a photo in that but didn't want to actually ride them. The kids favorite ride was the Buzz lightyear I think we were able to go on it 4 times.


The difference between just turning 3 and almost turning 5? Elliot who on our visit to Florida could have hugged Cinderella forever, decided to skip the Princess photo opportunity this time. I think we have a picture with all of them except Ariel. Next time.

I thought the food was good and not too overpriced. The 20(HKD) they wanted to charge for a 20oz soda was a bit much. The kid's pizza's were delicious and of course fun.

had to fight to keep a spot in the front, but I made sure the two grown women didn't kick Jane out of her place along the rope. My favorite the green army men from Toy Story and the space girls from Toy Story. The queen of hearts came right up to Jane.
If you aren't expecting it the singing in Cantonese and certain attractions not being in English can throw you off a little bit. It looks so American most of the time you forget that a majority of the people who are visiting are not native English speakers.


HK Disneyland from outypants on Vimeo.


Andria said...

Of all the pictures they liked the PIZZA best! Go figure.

Andria said...

"They" meaning the Owen and Max....