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Mar 17, 2010

Sai Kung

Nathan and Jason went hiking on Saturday and ended up in Sai Kung. After walking around they thought it would be a good idea for us to meet them out there. Bethany and I grabbed the kids and took the MTR to Shatin and the 299 to Sai Kung it only took about 45 minutes.

One of the most exciting things for us to do was to walk pass all the tanks holding the various sea creatures you can choose to eat. One little critter tried to escape. I can't imagine asking them to prepare the fish that was about as big as Elliot for lunch.

I wasn't sure the kids would find it all that fun, but thanks to the variety of playgrounds and the tanks they were amused.

Sai Kung has a good amount of foreigners living there. The good part about that is western style restaurants. We found Paisanos a pizza place that has 24" pizzas! We were excited just to get the 16" aside from Jason who really thought we should have got the 24" Next time.. When we asked the American owner about delivery he said he would meet us halfway. It is tempting to consider it. 

My intentions are to return and take a Sampan and eat some good sea food!

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