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Feb 10, 2010


A few weeks ago on one of our hikes we were able to catch a glimpse in the distance two monkeys climbing in the tree. I was excited to see them for that brief moment even though they were far away and hard to see.
Last Saturday with the Krohns we visited the place where they are known for being out in the open.

The view of Kam Shan Family Walk

So excited to see them as we began our walk.
We were told they could be aggressive and bring a stick.
We heeded the advice not to eat in front of them and kept our distance and didn't have any problems.

Checking out one of the cars parked.

There is a $10,000 fine for feeding the Monkeys. It is easy to see how people are tempted to do so, it would be fun to have the baby monkey come and eat out of your hand. Of course this is probably the cause of their sometimes aggressive behavior not to mention hurting their self preservation.

Nathan was about to enter one of these bathrooms when the monkeys begin to gather around, jumped on the top and bared their teeth.
He changed his mind.
Nathan has developed a dislike for monkeys.  After a long hike, you get tired and thirsty, he has gone to take food out of his pocket, only to be instantly surrounded by a group of monkeys. Keeping an exhausted hiker from his lunch is a quick way to make an enemy.
If he felt this way before about food, my guess is this interruption from a bathroom break, will not endear the monkeys to him anymore.

The monkeys were only spotted in the first part of our journey. It was a nice mild day and the remaining walk was pretty.

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Andria said...

How fun!!! We can't wait to see you!