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Feb 1, 2010

Harbin China

St. Sofia Church. It is now a museum- Basically photographs are all over the walls depicting the modern History of Harbin.

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Harbin is close to Russia and the Russian influence is seen in the architecture and touristy goods sold there. We had a day and a half to visit.

We ate traditional Borsch and other Russian food at this popular restaurant. We were expecting not to get as it probably seats only about 60 people packed in. We went at the right time and had no problem getting in. The inside is decorated with pictures from Harbin it felt more like a house than a restaurant. They give you baskets under your table to put all your scarves and hats in. Nathan mentioned the food being prepared close to the bathrooms was a little disturbing but everything was good and I would eat there again.

There is an underground shopping mall that seems to go on and on. Comparing the crowds there to the crowds inside the large free standing mall it is easy to see where most in Harbin spend their money.

Jane Eyre clothing store
I did not come to Harbin to clothes shop so we just walked past this but had to get a photo of the name.

Food stall- one of them selling the famous frozen fruit on a stick.

Even though we were freezing and had no desire to eat a popsicle we did decide to try one before we left. We found it really sweet like it had been coated in liquid sugar first, not all that appetizing.

Did not bother trying this.

Laoshu Minnie- (Minnie Mouse) I overheard a family repeat as we visited Zhaolin Park - The place that hosts Disney's spot at the Ice and Snow festival. It would have been fun with the kids we thought it a little overpriced for just us to visit.

The River frozen over. It was fun to watch people almost run into each other with these ice chair skis ( my name for them)
We saw many people in animal/character suits most handing out flyers for restaurants. We thought these were the luckiest people having their whole bodies covered and shielded from the cold and wind.

The reason we came to Harbin, endured the bitter cold was because Nathan saw images and heard about their famous Ice and Snow Festival. I have to take time here to pick on my husband. For our 10 year anniversary ( June 2010) originally the plan was to visit Hawaii. That is what Nathan told me when we first got married -there is time left maybe that will happen :-) As it has gotten closer Hawaii has been pushed back. It is far away and is very expensive! So I have to tease that he brought me to Harbin China where the highest temperature is 9˚F in the winter, where I wore 6 layers of clothes, and had to work hard to keep the feeling in my fingers and toes, Instead of Hawaii where it is - well Hawaii! Enough picking on him- I had fun and I am glad I got to share these impressive sites with him.

Harbin from outypants on Vimeo.

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