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Aug 4, 2009

Hong Kong ani-com convention

Anicom part 1 from outypants on Vimeo.

The Comi-con was just held in San Diego this past week. We went online and looked at everyone dressed up "cosplay" as it is known. Watched some clips of the Dr. Who panel Q&A. Nathan discovered that the ani-com convention was being held in HK. We decided to venture over to Wanchai and check it out. It cost less than $10 USD for us to enter as the kids were free. Way too many people, we braved a long line to enter a store. Nathan is a fan of a Japanese manga comic called One Piece. The kids are familiar with the characters, so we bought Elliot a "Luffy" hat and Jane a blanket. We found three girls dressed up as some of the characters. Elliot was excited at first so we were going to have him take a picture with them, but he was upset that they were all girls when two of the characters are boys. So he decided not to get his picture taken. He however in his Luffy hat which surprisingly he wore all day, had his picture taken dozens of times. We didn't recognize most of the cosplay we saw walking around but it was fun to snap pictures anyway. We were concerned that their might be some racy stuff, which goes with the territory of comics but fortunately most outfits were modest and it was easy to avoid or divert our attention from any display or pictures that were less than modest. We expected more Marvel/DC comics and didn't see Yotsuba stuff ( another Manga Nathan likes) but we would have been mad at ourselves for being this close and not attending one. We got to ride on a new ferry too. So overall we were glad we went.

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