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Jul 27, 2009

Summer fun!

Jane lost her tooth kind of in a violent way; she was looking at a toy a kid was playing with in the park and he pushed a button that made something pop out and got her right in the face.

Repulse Bay Beach

Typhoon Molave damage

Typhoon Elliot damage

Bike Riding Lessons from outypants on Vimeo.

With kids there is never a dull moment and kids in Hong Kong seems even more true for us. July has been eventful. We went to the sea for the first time, Jane's first grown up tooth is coming in, a level 9 Typhoon came through, Jane is now riding on two wheels, we had a bat in apartment, that I found in our kitchen sink while I was doing dishes and recently Elliot wrote on his wall - correction drew pictures on his wall. I am waiting for the first kids hair cut moment to happen any day - maybe it will pass us by may be. Poor Elliot he woke up early went straight to Nathan- daddy I got something to show you in my room wake up, it is a surprise. I even overheard him tell Nathan to close his eyes. He was so proud of his drawing, Nathan had to gently tell him that we don't write on walls and warn him that he would get disciplined if he did it again. The sad thing is I think he got the idea from a library book we checked out- there is a part where a girl writes on her wall and lies about it. I think the moral of that story went over his head. Repulse bay trip was fun. It was a different experience than we are use to at Lake Michigan. This water was about 30 degrees warmer, salty with some good size waves. Elliot was a little too familiar with them at first and I watched as he got completely swept over in a wave. Nathan says I went one way in the water and Elliot up came up on shore the other. It makes your heart race to watch your child completely overtaken by water. He talks about it as the time he rolled over in the water, with a little bit of pride in his voice. I have gotten my feet wet in salt water but never swam. Salt burns your eyes and makes you sticky- 31 years and I never knew that. The kids have been getting better in the water and love their goggles. I can't usually see their faces when we are in a pool because they are constantly going under. The typhoon happened the same day we went to Kowloon walled city. The rustling of the leaves and the branches brushing against our 4th story window kept me up until 3 am. I might have slept through it if it were not for how loud it was in our apartment. In the video you can see one of the branches breaking. A level 10 storm is considered a hurricane. So the following videos and pictures are a collection of the events described.

The Bat from outypants on Vimeo.

Beach Weekend from outypants on Vimeo.

Typhoon Molave from outypants on Vimeo.

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Andria said...

Typhoon, sweet! Bat, gross.

Poor Jane, what a not so cool way to lose a tooth. Then again great story.

Oh hair cutting babes, just pray it is E. At least you can buzz a boy if necessary.