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Aug 23, 2009

Bus facts and the Busy weekend

Clearwater Bay 1 from outypants on Vimeo.

I took a picture of the second beach as you can see it from the first but I am not sure it captured the contrast. It had easily 3x amount of people at it then where we were. This beach allowed the kids to wade out further in the water compared to repulse bay. I also liked how the showers were nearby to the beach area.

The video includes clips from Ma on Shan- we were invited to a birthday party from our English friends we met at Horizon Suites. We caught part of a dance exhibition at the mall . Some of the video is by the kids.

We had read in a book that Clear Water Bay first beach was a lot less crowded than the second.  So we headed out that way.

 I was unsure we would get off at the right stop as we were relying on being able to read the electronic destination sign. These signs don't always work. The destination shows up first in Chinese then in English.  If you aren't watching carefully, the English can flash when you are not looking. 
 We knew we could look for the Chinese Character for 1 in the sign if we missed it.  In spite of the crowd blocking part of it we caught the English pushed the button and made it.

One reason the first beach is less busy is due to the climb. Lots of stairs. 
 Nathan carried Elliot up most of the way on our way out. Jane who often takes the stairs while we take the escalators didn't complain to much about the long long way up.

The temp that day was 34 degrees c-- about 94 degrees F
end of July and August have had very few days below 85 degrees.
Strange for someone like me who has only known the mild summers of the Great Lakes.

Our day out at the beach ended with me suffering from what I believe was heat exhaustion. On the train home I suddenly felt like I was going to vomit and felt dizzy. When I got off the train I felt disorientated and thought for sure I was going to pass out. I would feel a little better start walking and it would hit me all over again. Three times this happened where I couldn't walk. Felt like I was going to be sick and my head was spinning. I felt so bad Nathan and the kids standing around me trying to get to me stand up. Finally we got on the shuttle bus heading for home. After about 10 seconds of sitting down on the bus I felt normal. I have never felt that bad in my whole life. I learned my lesson drink lots of water even if I don't feel that hot or thirsty.

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