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Jan 30, 2011

Lunch with Friends

We were invited by Choi Lin (Engilsh name -Greenie) for a lunch. Eunice her daughter attends NIS with Elliot. They are in Phase 2 of Parc Versailles. We often take the same mini bus to get school.
Also in attendance were two other NIS moms and their daughters.
I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty everything was. I haven't enjoyed many Hong Kong style meals or dishes, and I wasn't sure what to expect.
On the menu; Choi sum, beef balls, dumplings, and wings. Every thing had a distinct flavor that was savory and not overpowering.
I liked the flavor the chestnuts gave the beef balls. Her neighbor makes a home made chili paste, which I was eager to put on my noodles and it was delicious.

4 Countries represented, Hong Kong, US, Spain and Guatemala
The Mom's- Choi Lin, Me, Noelia, Almarie

The kids
Marina,(Noelia) Mia,(Almarie) Eunice, Elliot
I think he was beginning to feel a little out of place, in the room full of girls.

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