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Feb 8, 2011


On our way to Kowloon Park one Sunday, we happened to notice this building that looked kind of like a museum. We decided to venture in and see what it was about.
The Health Education Exhibition and Resource Center is what we had found.
A place where you can learn all about how disease can spread through dirty water, garbage, and unsanitary practices in the market. Cartoon displays, interactive games, stuffed rats and giant cockroaches to help make the learning more fun.
A giant popsicle had buttons attached to it and when you pushed them it displayed what it was made of, such as artificial flavor, colorings, sugar etc. I think one button indicated vitamins or something healthy and that didn't light it up.

 My first thought, only in Hong Kong would such a place exist and not only that but be so colorful and made for kids. It does not label itself as a museum, but as a resource center. I guess it won't show up in tour books. If you are near the TST MTR outside the park and have some time to waste, I would say take a walk through it.


reneelharvey said...

Fun AND free? Our kind of place! Thanks for posting this...

Michelle Roman said...

love the good toilet behavior!! looks like fun!