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Apr 14, 2009

Parc Versailles with Commentary

What I love about our place is how bright it is. Huge windows letting natural light in. We didn't have curtains for a week so that natural light woke me up at 5 am for a few days. It was kind of nice thinking it was 8 am time to start the day. A good reminder of how some people used to live and how some still do by the sun not the clock. I would like to get a bird book from the area to see if I can name some of the variety I see in the tree tops outside our windows. This is the master bedroom that has a bathroom attached to it.

Parc Versailles Phase One complex. This is our community. We have a shuttle that will take us into town and to the train station. There is a clubhouse and a pool. The pool cost extra. Most things here are not included you get used to the idea that you will have to pay to use facilities. The shuttle is free and we use that to save money on our Octopus cards.

Lots of built in closet space and shelves- I want to take that home with me. This is our half bath of our two and half baths and the maid's closet.

You can see on the ceiling all the track lighting. Along with the natural light the artificial light is splendid. This is the view of our dining room and living room. We might get spoiled living here. We have A/C something we have not had for 7 years, a bath and half more than home, wood floors and lots of closet space. I do miss our yard, you can't really send the kids out to play when you are on the 4th floor. Having my washer in the kitchen where I would like an oven isn't all that great either. We will have to purchase a countertop oven if I want to bake anything soon. We have a nice trail behind our house that the kids will be able to take their bikes on.


Andria said...

Owen thinks your place is "Awesome"!

Fluffy said...

Parc Versailles was my childhood home for ten years. Your place is so warm, I love the natural light. seeing those photos reminds me of my old home. :)