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Sep 1, 2010

Tiger Hill Suzhou (part two)

No visit to Suzhou should exclude the famous Tiger Hill. According to the Historical Records, the Wu King Helu was buried on the hill, called then "the Hill Emerging from the Sea". The legend goes that three days after his burial a white tiger appeared squatting on the hill. Hence the name.

Although we are prone to take crooked photos this is not bad photography. The Yunan pagoda is actually leaning. It is older than the other famous leaning landmark in Pisa.

Doing my best to keep it up.

Jane got to lower a bucket into the well to get out water.

They were featuring a bonsai exhibit in the gardens. The most impressive bonsai I have ever seen.

I feel I should insert something witty about Mr. Miyagi here but since he was fictional and Japanese I won't.

We visited Tiger Hill with Jesse, another person who use to work with Nathan, his daughter (English name) Wendy and his mom.

Jesse took us to a local place. The crushed cigarette and dirt under out table did cause me to worry. No one was in a hurry to clean it up, probably because the place was packed and no one else seem to mind. It is just a different standard over there especially in regards to public smoking and what is acceptable. The dishes and chopsticks were clean so I decided to put aside my "western" way of standards and ate my food.

Elliot posing with his chili paste that did not make its way onto any of his food.

The dumplings in broth were delicious, even the kids ate them up. I believe pronounced (dwo tee in)

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