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Sep 6, 2010

Suzhou the final post.

Shanghi / Suzhou from outypants on Vimeo.

It was so interesting to see how people still live alongside the canals. This boat ride was more of a sampan style not a gondola.

Suzhou is known for pearls and silk. Shops had these on display, you could also choose oysters kept in tanks.

Our dinner at the Japanese restaurant. The adults enjoyed the kids 'brain box" game. The object is to memorize the photo, then you are asked questions about what you saw. It was a great party game. The cards had Chinese and English written on it, so everyone could take turns reading and guessing.
Lisa ( in the green) came to the U.S a couple of years ago along with Candy and Jesse. I remember her daughter was going to school to be a doctor and I asked her -in Chinese- about it her.
How nice it was to communicate something without help.

it isn't uncommon to see 3- 4 people on a scooter. I cringed at all the kids I saw riding without helmets.
Is that Fred Macmurray on that scooter?

Elliot and Queenie playing paper scissors rock at the Sichuan restaurant.
Scooters are a major mode of transportation in Suzhou. Crossing the street or walking on the side walk can be a bit scary with the kids. Some scooter drivers zip through lights and they tend to travel wherever people can walk.

This is potty training in China.


reneelharvey said...

I LOVE the family picture at the top of your blog! Who took it for you?

Hong Kong Sweeneys said...

Thanks Renee
Queenie took the photo of us.