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Sep 2, 2010


The Bund

The one full day we had in Shanghai it was 40 degrees C (104˚ F). Visiting during the World's fair ( Expo) and not attending may sound like a waste, but we had been warned of the conditions and decided against it. Waiting 1-3 hours in line to visit a pavilion is hard as adults, but with kids it is almost near impossible. The heat alone I think would have changed our minds if the crowds did not.

I felt I needed one picture commemorating the expo even though we didn't go.

The Maglev

The Magnetic levitation train reaches speed of 300 KMH.

It isn't China without the occasional strangely grotesque statue and a sign in English not quite right.

People lined up to view the skyline along the Bund.
Shanghai has about 20 million people residing in it. It felt like 20 million people to me almost every where we went. We are use to people asking for the kids pictures either posing with them or just of them, but to be asked as an entire family was new for us, I kept thinking who really wants a picture of me with my face red and hot and my sweaty hair pulled back?

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