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Jul 2, 2009


We travelled to the Macau SAR a few weeks ago. It was in the 90's but we started uphill and walked down and took rests inside the pretty Churches scattered about. Macau is beautiful I don't think that you can take a bad picture in the place. It was owned by Portugal for 400 years and is now in the hands of China. Elliot rode on an amusement ride that went up in the air! His first time trying something like that. We went to Walt Disney World awhile back and I am glad he was free because he wouldn't ride much. He was willing here in Macau so he might be ready for Dumbo at Hong Kong Disney now. I got a little seasick on the way out there. It is about an hour by ferry to Macau. I didn't know I would was that bad about motion sickness, now I know. We rode on the top deck on the way back and that made a difference we will remember for next time.

The video starts out with us taking the bus in Hong Kong then it shows us on the Ferry on the way to Macau. We ate at a Japanese restaurant had Ramen and salmon sashimi. We ate Japanese food run by people who were Chinese in a country that used to be owned by the Portuguese. I was filling out paperwork on the way back. You not only have to fill out the standard arrival/departure cards these days you have a separate health form you have to fill for the Swine Flu. Whenever you cross a border. 32 pieces of paperwork I filled out that week as we had just got back from Japan when we went to Macau. Picture slide show at the end. Ignore the different colored bars it should work.

Macau from outypants on Vimeo.

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Andria said...

We miss you guys!! Wishing we had lots of money because we would hop the next plane! I wonder if boat travel would be cheaper??

Our babysitter went to Japan and Owen said that's like our friends in Hong Kong.