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Apr 23, 2009

The Wilson Trail

The Wilson Trail extends from New Territories where we live to the Island.
Nathan has been trying to make hiking it a regular routine- a fun way to exercise. Here is one quote from one of his walks.
"I think I am doing well, hiking up this huge hill- when I am passed by these men and women in their 60's or older saying" Joe Saan" ( good morning) Some barefoot or in flip flops." He once was walking and heard what sounding like a person chopping wood. He came upon an older gentleman doing Karate like moves against a tree.
He and Jason went hiking on a day that was supposed to be warm and sunny. They got to the top of the mountain and the storm clouds came in. The wives were a little worried as we saw low clouds over the mountain. The visibility was very low and they had to watch their step to trek their way back home as some of it was along a very narrow path. 4 hours later- which was relatively on schedule they arrive wet, cold and glad to have made it down in one piece.

I forgot the name of the bug but it has fly in its name. We saw it a few days ago at the insect house at the Tai Po waterfront.

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