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Apr 7, 2009

Elliot Turns 4 in Hong Kong

We were able to have a nice birthday party for Elliot thanks to the Krohns. We grilled out, had delicious chocolate cupcakes made by Bethany and the kids played a game. Brother wanted a light Saber but we were unsuccessful in finding one, even with clerks who could speak English. ( see the post about thoughts and life to get this) He still had a great birthday and loved his new Transformer.

 The kids had a treasure hunt where they had to follow clues written on a piece of paper. Their treasure was the Chocolate Kinder eggs. These thinly chocolated covered eggs that easily separate to produce a prize inside. It can be a figurine that has funny eyes,spins etc. Or a puzzle, usually a small trinket of some kind you have to assemble. The last I heard they were illegal in the United States. 

I was trying to come up with a game for the kids to play and thought about pin the light saber on the Jedi. 

 You have to understand that I am here with limited resources. I think if I had millions to invest in a store in HK it would be Party City. Toys R Us was the only place I could find licensed party ware. I should have saved all Star Wars decorations from my 30th Birthday party and sent it over.

I say all this to say that I had to free hand the drawing of Darth Vader. Bethany thankfully had a printer and could print out a face for me, I knew I couldn't do that. 

 I was thinking at first, less is more and had the idea to make a cape and not really attempt any limbs, I knew they would be atrocious. It was really late and I decided I would do feet as I looked at him in boots but no arms. 

 It was the entertainment for the adults, probably more so than the kids. Nathan commented on him being "hippy" and womanly. The kids didn't comment that Darth Vader had deformities, so I guess it passed their test for now, give them 10 more years to look back at the pictures for their remarks.
Elliot cried when we had to leave as he always does when we leave their house. It was a good birthday and really helped ease the loss of not being in Grand Rapids with family for this occasion.

party time from outypants on Vimeo.

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Andria said...

Happy Belated Birthday Elliot!!!

Goodness time flies....