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Feb 26, 2012

Tycoon or Shark fan? Ice Hockey in HK

Notable sporting events in Hong Kong have names like Cricket 6's and Rugby 7's. What you might not expect to find in the tropical climate of HK, is the Hockey 5's.

We didn't attend the hockey 5 tournament, but along with the Annis family, we did see 4 professional teams play.
They don't play in a stadium, but on the 10th floor of the Megabox mall. A small amount of bleacher seats are placed next to the glass allowing an up close view of the game.

Jane and Zoee were good cheerleaders.

We had the pleasant surprise of running into Craig and Keegan Harvey.

ICS had supplied us with the tickets and we shared the space with several of the ICS kids, faculty and parents. Kowloon Warriors and South China Sharks was the name of some of teams. If you want more details about players, scores and events of the game check out Keegan's post here.

Next time we will bring our own snacks and drinks. We were expecting there to be concessions selling us overpriced popcorn and forbidding us outside food and drink, but to our surprise there was nothing like that readily available. A few trips to the 7-11 on the first floor were made.

The kids loved it when any of the players would be body-checked against the glass. They spent the game with their faces close against the plated glass and it gave them quite a thrill.

Elliot fell backwards once, we got it on video here.

Autographs were given out to the kids by a few of the players that sat with us.

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