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Feb 27, 2012

Kadoorie Farm

Residing in the New Territories sometimes feels like living in the small town with one stoplight on the outskirts of the happening big city of Kowloon and the island.
 We commonly travel anywhere from 45 minutes up to 2 hours, just to sight see and eat western food. There is quite a bit to do and see way up here, close to the mainland. It is less crowded and we are told the air quality is better.  On the occasions, we get to do something touristy that is close by, it is a nice change.
Kadoorie Farm is one of those places that to us, feels like it is in our backyard.

Parc Versailles, which is our estate, is a stop along the 64K route, that begins at Tai Po Market station. Kadoorie also has it's own stop along the route and is 15 stops away from us.

I have made four visits to the Kadoorie Farm and Botnical Gardens and only once did I get to ride the free shuttle bus.  We decided to go on a late Saturday afternoon and once again the shuttle tickets were sold out.
The bus gives you a nice ride to the top, that overlooks Lam Tsuen.  When I did go that time,  I only had a video camera and let Elliot have it most of the time. It doesn't show too much but Elliot is a cute 5 year old in it.

Some new experiences on this last trip included:

The Fruit plant area.

"coffee" tree

Nathan and I discussed how we both recently just learned that a pineapple came from a plant on the ground. I am not sure how I had imagined them growing, maybe like a coconut? Living in a cold climate for 30 years, did not give me much opportunity to see a pineapple grow. I talked to my dad shortly after this visit. A man, who has farmed and grown vegetables his whole life in Michigan and he kind of chuckled when I told him about my ignorance of pineapples.

We were able to see the Hong Kong Paradise fish a new species discovered in 2002.

Kadoorie sells organic fruit and vegetables, we bought some sugar cane to munch on.

Some old favorites, the pigs, owls and bugs

Elliot thought it was amusing to sit on these sharp rocks

Here is a video from our first trip with the Krohn's way back in 2009.

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