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Dec 27, 2010


Here is a post highlighting 4 Birthday parties that we were invited to share in the past two months.
Joseph turned 9 Back in November. The kids played catch the balloon, pop the balloons and a mini soccer game. Even the dads had a turn at it.

Picus is Jane's classmate and Pio is another K3 in Elliot's school. The boys had a shared birthday party at the Zebedee International school here in Tai Po. Food catered by Fairwoods and a show with some magic and funny tricks. Jane was able to try her hand at spinning a plate.

Savanah's Birthday was at the bowling alley located on the premises of The Palazzo. Jane came out as the winner with a high of 50. I didn't have my good camera so I failed to take more pictures once inside the apartment, that featured a delicious chocolate cake for dessert.

Ailee is in Jane's class at NIS. She had a Barbie Birthday party. Games featured a Barbie story, make your own bracelet, Barbie Bingo and a memory game with a tray of all of Barbie's favorite things. I liked the Barbie punch ( Sprite dyed with a pink food coloring)
The whole family was invited so the boys were amused by a showing of " Clutch Powers" Lego movie.

We are thankful for all the friends God has blessed us with here in Hong Kong and enjoy every celebration we are able to share with them.


Anonymous said...

We are so thankful for your friendship too! Thanks for making our Christmas Eve so wonderful, Sarah! You worked really hard, and everyone had a great time...Hugs, Renee

Hong Kong Sweeneys said...

thanks Renee, Look for a Christmas Eve post soon.