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Dec 6, 2010

Cloudy Hill

Hiking in Hong Kong has been Nathan's favorite past time since our arrival. Many Saturdays he has gotten up early to explore a new trail and see new heights. I recently have been able to join him on some of the smaller hikes during the day while the kids are in school.
Cloudy Hill is located at the base of Tai Po Tau village, which is a short walk from our estate.

The hike is well travelled, pavilions and places to rest are found along the way.

The lantern fly was spotted on one of Nathan's first hikes.

What I found to be the most challenging part of the hike was I could climb up 50 steps only to find I had to go down 20. It isn't this easy, gradual climb up, after about 40 minutes my legs were feeling the pain of climbing back up.
Walking in Hong Kong has helped me to stay relatively fit, but I wouldn't say that I was in shape. I wanted to be done a few times, and practically crawled my way up a few of the steps. I knew it wasn't really that far or long to the top and I knew I could make it.

I only had the ipod to take the photos. Over 400 meters was a good workout for me. My hiking partner was quick to point out that Mt. Everest is closer to 10,000M. One hill at a time...

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Renee said...

I've never heard of a Lantern Fly before. What a schnozzle!