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Apr 13, 2010


Nathan was able to travel to Korea for a second time he spent one day in Seoul then travelled south for work.

Shrines- surrounding old palace grounds- where umbilical chords and placenta of royalty was kept.

Statue of the man who invented the Korean Alphabet- behind that and old city wall

Strong Catholic presence here.
Anime nuns - only in Asia

need a hand? leg, foot - prosthetic store front
I can't help but think of the "bone" man in Dicken's Our Mutual Friend

Hurt your eyes? It hurts in person to view this too. They are small in height but are normal width.

This river was once buried underneath concrete and made into a road. A movement to restore the river was made in recent times and flows freely once more.

Spicy Tender King - looks like with egg?


Red Beans go good with everything.

Impressions: 1.Felt like Michigan it was colder, most buildings weren't that tall, doughnut shops and Kia cars.
2.only saw one park- so we probably won't visit with the kids anytime soon
3.confusing subway system ( comparing to Hong Kong and Tokyo)
4.Cheap good food could be found
5.Palaces are very interesting

Nathan remembered his wife while eating all that Korean food and brought her home some Kimchi.

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