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Apr 6, 2010

Halfway to a decade

We celebrated Elliot Daniel who was born on March 25th 2005 with a little party at our flat.

The agenda:
Decorate your own gift bag
Hot' Lego'
Bear Toss
scavenger hunt
guess the legos

In attendance counting only the kids:
The Harveys- Keegan, Jemilla, and Tirzah-
Krohns- Isaiah, Abby, Sammy

Cupcakes with 'fondant' legos. Bethany helped me construct these edible legos and made a perfect lego man. This was fun stuff to work with- I plan to do it again.

Nathan told me he would make balloon animals for the kids. I was getting a little worried because it was two days before the party and he had yet to look up any tutorial on how to make them. I started to doubt him coming through on this decision.
He spent a mere 15 minutes watching a you tube video. At the party he made swords, poodles, hats and shields for the kids.

Elliot's Fifth from outypants on Vimeo.


Andria said...

Where has the time gone?? You have a super cool hubby! Could you send us a poodle?

The Hong Kong Sweeneys said...

I know time flies... I can send you a balloon with instructions.
excited to see you guys soon