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Jan 4, 2010

Twas the Season

There were moments during the Christmas season that I really felt like it was the season. Decorating while listening to Nat King Cole sing the Christmas song, walking through TST looking at lights and decorations. Watching Christmas cartoons and my favorite movie It's a Wonderful Life. These moments were rare and the season came up rather quickly. I would have not believed that snow made that much of a difference but it does. I also attach Christmas with home and the familiar, so just being here even with Christmas displays at all the malls and most of them actually say Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays! It wasn't the familiar and had no real comfort that usually comes with the season for me. I am not complaining- Jesus is celebrated every day in my heart and life and I am happy to spend His birthday wherever my husband and kids are. Also I didn't mine the 75˚ on Christmas Eve. We were able to have a party at our house on Christmas day. It was fun and full of good times and made a great memory for me.

Photos in order from top to bottom
Jane by Ocean Terminal display
Hung Hom lights
The girls the day we went to the Nutcracker
Family photo at the Harbor
The kids attacking Nathan at the Christmas party
Ping and Bethany
My friend Esther and her cousin

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