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Jan 17, 2010

Shenzhen 'Kite Park' Lian Hua Shan Park

We crossed the border to visit the Park in Shenzhen where everyone flies kites. We paid $20 RMB ( about $4US) For a Butterfly that Jane picked out . The smells of the food stalls varied from smells like a negelected public bathroom to the wonderful aroma of baked sweet potatoes. Once we arrived we saw kites that were flying like real birds. Elliot gets a little intimidated when the kite goes up high in the air. I remember feeling that way as a kid, as if the kite was going to take me with it at any moment.
We walked to the top of the hill. A lot of stairs the kids were tired by the end of it. You could see the statue of the person who founded Shenzhen and there was an outlook. It was very cloudy that day so no good pictures of the city I would like to go back and catch some good shots.
The kids were asked to have their picture taken as usual Jane was the only one who said yes.

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