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Mar 24, 2009

Walking and the Island

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical gardens and zoo, is a nice place to take kids as it offers them space to run around, I think I took space for granted back in Michigan.  

This trip was prompted by our need to visit the US consulate. Nathan took us to the gardens first and then we walked to the Consulate. We left him there and made our way back.   The hill from the consulate up to the botanical gardens is relatively steep, even with steps. Elliot got tired and I eventually picked him up and carried him part of the way. 
 This picture is of a break we took on the way back. I was laughing at myself for needing one since it wasn't that far away.  It is still an adjustment, The current heat ( actually quite wonderful) is mild for this region but it is a lot warmer and a lot more humid than Michigan is at this same time.  Add that to all the extra walking, it will take some time to get to used to it. 
 In my defense the hills on the island are some of the steepest in Hong Kong for pedestrians, there is a reason they installed escalators for people. 

Elliot has had the biggest adjustment since he was still using a stroller on occasion back in the US. He complains quite a bit and is not a fan of having to walk every where. 

We finally made our way back to the gardens. We quickly found the snack kiosk and had  a nice rest and a treat. 

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