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Mar 9, 2009

The journey across the ocean.. THE OCEAN!

 This actually was their second flight since we flew from Grand Rapids to New Jersey.  But since it was the same day and this flight would be a 16 hour one across the ocean, I think it counts as a first.

Jane got to go up to the cockpit and push a button. Elliot wanted to stay in his seat.
I like this picture because it accurately depicts how the two felt. Never mind my crooked glasses. 
Jane's thoughts:  I like the airplane when it moves ( turbulence) 
Elliot's thoughts: I don't like it when the airplane moves.
Usually Jane and I think a like, but in this instance I am right with brother, when that thing starts bouncing around, all I can think of is- get me off of this thing. 
The kids particularly liked that they had access to movies, kids shows and even video games right in the their seat. Jane never played with or watched anything we brought just what was available on the plane. 

The flight went well, until about 12 am some kid started screaming
" I want Diego" for about a half hour, the cabin is dark and everyone is trying to sleep and we have to listen to this kid scream. Did I mention that kid was Elliot?  Hindsight- let the kid have the stupid DS and play Diego. I was tired I wasn't thinking straight, I was trying to follow recommended guidelines for three year olds and screen time.  A nice man tried to give Elliot candied fruit as a way to console his loss of the Nintendo.  You would have thought I ripped off an appendage the way he wailed. I went into the bathroom and after 45 minutes he finally calmed down. 

It could have been worse, but it was a long flight and I was glad to get off the plane. 

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Andria said...

I am so happy you guys made it safe. Can't wait to see more from the Sweeney's!