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Dec 26, 2012


Trying to fix my old post that were changed due to formatting issues and loss of videos.
 If you see any  new and updated post from us in Hong Kong this is what is happening. 

Nathan and I both agree that not having a car to think about and worry about is nice. There are days with the kids that it would be handy. But overall I like the exercise of walking. The double-decker buses I have to watch with the kids, as they don't stop for you to find a seat, so I have to try to get the situated otherwise they can get jostled about. Jane calls them bunk buses.  The best feeling of all is arriving at the bus stop just as the bus is coming in, getting down to the platform just as the subway arrives. You feel like you won something, or accomplished some great task.

Jane is holding the toy replicas fo the real thing.

Obviously the MTR is our primary mode of transportation.

The MTR is safe, clean,reliable and very easy to use. 



This is our stop!

Commuting via public transport has its benefits.   If you are a reader it can give you time to finish a good book.  Depending on how far you travel you can have five minutes uninterrupted to fifty minutes. 

As the normal conversation around me is a quiet hum of Cantonese I usually tune  it out. Therefor when anyone starts speaking English my ears perk up and find it a bit distracting that I can overhear the conversation.

The Star Ferry is my favorite way to travel. 

Ferry Ride with Jane from outypants on Vimeo.

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